Thursday, March 10, 2011

First try at spaghetti squash

Well, these things last forever, luckily.  I bought a spaghetti squash a couple of weeks ago and didn't do anything with it.  I got another one shopping on Tuesday (I ended up leaving with 6 kinds of squash... I may have a problem) just in case the older one wasn't good anymore.  So... I'll just save that for later!

I made another recipe from How it All Vegan - Stuffed Spaghetti Squash.  Yum! 

(PS- they just bleeped out 'the f word' on Dr. Phil.  Not the actual word.  "the f word")

So I wrestled with the squash for a bit to cut it open. These things are such a pain to cut. The recipe said to scoop out the seeds and leave the flesh.  Seeds out, check.  I had no idea about the stringy stuff... was that the spaghetti-like part of the squash?  Or... is that like any other squash and you scrape that out, too?  And when does it start to look like spaghetti? I had never even tasted this stuff before, why did I try to cook it?

I left some of the junk in just in cast that was the actual spaghetti stuff.

The filling also contained something that I haven't really cooked before (though I had eaten them), lentils.  Yet another ingredient that had been sitting my cabinet for a while. This picture is really just because I love my nesting measuring cups.  So cute.

Anyhow- here is the finished product.  I loved it!  My boyfriend, as it turns out, not such a fan of spaghetti squash itself, but liked the stuffing a lot.  Also- I should have scraped out all of that stringy stuff.  It was easy enough to just kind of get rid of it, but, ya know, for next time.