Monday, January 28, 2013

So much running gear...

Here are my official Stoneham Theatre Boston Marathon pictures taken by the lovely and talented David Costa!  Don't forget to donate! Tell your friends! Click here!

I totally always smile like this when I run. 

You can't tell, but my butt is frozen to the front step of the theater 

Marathon training continues and my thighs hurt. 

I finished my long run (12 miles) and then some yesterday, just not when I planned.  I know I had said I was going to the group run, and I totally planned on it, but got almost no sleep on Saturday night. I was very good at the party (just one beer, though I may have consumed my weight in pita chips), but I just stayed up too late and then didn't really sleep well when I finally did get to bed.  I "called in" to the run but knew I would have to get the miles done that day regardless. It was also my niece's 4th birthday party, so I had to work around that. 

We were all pretty sleepy after the previous day's events (cleaning and setting up for the party, final performance of Sunset Boulevard, and the party), so I did sleep in a bit after letting the group know not to wait for me.  Naturally, I had trouble getting back to sleep because I felt guilty for missing the run.

Winston had no trouble getting back to sleep.

I decided to run after the party.  I was pretty sure the route I was going to take was well lit, and I didn't think I needed to map it out to be sure of the distance, I'd just do my 5.3ish loop twice and then let my Nike+ guide me through the last bit.  It was chilly, so I was happy to try out my knew running mittens, socks, balaclava, hat, and pants.  Plus, it was going to be 12 miles, so why not throw on my super sexy Fuel Belt?

Worst ninja ever.

First- I am never running in the cold without all of these things again. I took the advice of an associate from Marathon Sports in Melrose and got some of these socks and this pair of Saucony mittens. Amazing. My feet were never cold and they weren't too sweaty.  The mittens are SO much better than gloves.  My hands got a little sweaty, but it was fine.  I decided on both my hat and the balaclava.  It turns out breathing is easier when you're not freezing your mouth and throat with the cold air.  Go figure. 

It got dark kind of quickly.  First run through the loop was pretty light, second, not so much.  It turns out the only part of that route that is not well lit is the cemetery, so that was fun. I certainly picked up the pace for that part. 

The run felt great overall.  After the second loop through, I decided to run through the center to finish it off.  I was definitely feeling the cold on the last mile or so and was ready to stop.  Turns out, though, that my Nike+ wasn't totally accurate (it's not the GPS kind, so I usually map it out first and then calibrate it after) and I ran an extra half a mile. Eh, there are worse things that could have happened.

It was cold.

I am glad I got the run in.  In order to finish all 26.2, I'll need to be sure I get everything in in the next couple of months, plus, people are donating money for this! I need to finish as strong as I can!  

Next weekend, I don't seem to have anything set in the mornings, so I should be able to join up with the group for the long run - 13 miles!  

Friday, January 25, 2013

SURPRISE! You're running the Boston Marathon!

So I'm running the Boston Marathon.  In 12 weeks.

Let's go back... at the beginning of December, one of my Tabata participants told me that her son was Stoneham Theatre's marathon team captain.  I mentioned that I had wanted to run it with them, but thought it was too late.  She urged me to try anyhow.   I contacted the theater and found that they had just given away their third and final number.  Ah, well, next year.

Cut to last week.  I have a voicemail from Lynne at the theater asking if I still might be interested in running because a number may have become available.  Ah! Ok, yes, sure. I have a couple of days until they are sure of what's going on.  I take a look at the calendar- 12 and 1/2 weeks.  The training program I had planned on using was 18. Ok, I've been running a bit, but nothing crazy. 3-5ish miles when it's not crazy cold outside.  What would the longest run I would have had to run if I had been training? 10 miles.  Ok. That's more.  I figure "let's just run the 10 this weekend, just in case".

Last Saturday, I ran 10 miles!  It wasn't the fastest 10 miles I've ever run, but I was able to do it.  This is how it went down- Miles 1-7 amazing.  I tried to think of fundraising ideas, I took in the fresh air, I waved at runners I passed, it was great.  I did my 5 mile rout and decided that I would explore another way instead of running it again.  I go through Woburn center and run until I hit a rotary involving 128 and turn back.  I must have been at around 7.5 or 8 and that's when the wind kicked in. Holy crap it was cold.  Still felt ok... not too much longer to go... SO WINDY!  I made it. I even ran up the hill at the end of the run.  I felt pretty good.  I was fine the rest of the day and just needed to stop a couple of times to stretch.

10 miles is kind of a big deal for me. The first time I ran 10 miles all at once was in 2007.  I had just started running the fall before that and was training for a half marathon.  It was a struggle.  I remember getting home, walking up to the second floor (because of COURSE that's where I had to live that day) and just lying on the floor. I wanted to shower, I wanted to drink water, and I wanted to throw up, but I didn't think I could do any of those things so I just stayed there on the floor.  I think I stayed there for about an hour and a half.  I eventually got up, drank water, and showered (I did NOT throw up).  Luckily, that has not happened again.

Me after that first 10 miles

The farthest distance I've ever run has been a half marathon.  I do wonder if there will be a new distance that causes the "I'm just going to lay here on the floor for a while" method of recovery.

Tuesday is when I was told the last number for the Stoneham team was mine and Thursday, I went down to the theater to officially fill out the paperwork.  I'm running this thing.  For real.  Sunday will be my first ever group training run.  I'm terrified.  It's the morning after closing night of Sunset Boulevard and we're hosting the cast party. I think that means I'm drinking soda and going to bed while the cast party continues in my living room.

One other thing that terrifies me is the amount of fundraising I will need to do.  If you are able or know anyone else that is, please feel free to donate!  Stoneham Theatre is such a wonderful place!  They are the leading professional theatre north of Boston and were voted as the fifth largest performing arts organization in Greater Boston.  At Stoneham, you can see musicals, dramas, concerts, and an amazing youth company education program!  Please donate to help them continue to bring the arts to this area!

CLICK HERE TO DONATE! And check back for updates on my training!

"Woman's World" from The Full Monty at Stoneham Theatre

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Check in. (even though it's only January 2nd)

It's pretty easy to keep resolutions this early on, right? Well, regardless- checking in!

I had an awesome time at Trina's Starlight Lounge with some great friends on New Years Eve.  Great company, snacks, and drinks.  I slept in yesterday, but then I ran 5 miles.  It was not the best five miles I've ever run.  It was not the most fun.  But I did it.  The snow and ice certainly slowed my pace (as did my headache) but it felt good to be out there.  I can't remember if I mentioned it before, but I finally got some compression tights, good socks, and a running jacket (The jacket was part of my Halloween costume).  It's really amazing how much better you feel when you wear clothing that is appropriate to what you are doing.  I also replaced my running shoes.  You don't want to know how overdue that was.

Today, I taught Tabata, ran a mile on the treadmill (on an incline), and did 10 minutes on the stairmill.  I'm feeling inspired by something two friends (the fabulous Jess and Josh) did last year which was run every day one month. Even if it's just a mile. The stairmill is just an old goal. I hate it. But I know it's good for me.  I will say, it's been, at the very least, 6 months since I've stepped on one and it was a lot easier. It is still pretty boring, though.

Food has also been going well. I tried salmon for the first time and it was delicious!  The waitress dropped it first and I had to wait for a new one... but it was worth it!  Sticking to points and feeling pretty in control right  now. Also, my Keurig (Christmas gift) has really been aiding my coffee habit.  It's so easy... and delicious.