Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Celebrating responsibly

My show opened this past Thursday to some wonderful audiences and compliments! It's called I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change.  It's a musical that contains various vignettes about dating and relationships.  It's a lot of fun, a lot of costume changes, and I have to be in a slip in front of everyone.  Eh.  I also have about 10 seconds to run off stage with a folding chair, take off my dress, slip, and shoes, and then throw on a wedding dress, veil, and new shoes without looking in a mirror.

Kevin and I in "Stud and a Babe"

 Because of the wonderful support form the community in Lynn (www.artsafterhours.com), the cast and crew have been going out after the shows to support local businesses that support the theater.  Thursday, we went to Cirque (47 Central) for some karaoke (and an amazing dirty Sapphire martini).  So much fun!  Luckily, I had the points for the martini and a beer. Ok, two.  I ALSO had a hangover the next day.

Kevin and I in the Finale

I was a bit concerned Friday because I felt pretty yucky.  I didn't make it to the gym.  I let myself have a break, but was a worried that this might lead to more breaks.
Friday night after the show- Turbine Wine Bar for a glass of (COUNTED!) wine and some music and then we headed to Tatiana's when some people wanted food (not me).  I kept in mind that I'd signed up for Spin 7:30 Saturday morning and switched to diet coke.

Saturday morning.... 6:45 I was wide awake- five minutes before my alarm.  I had set out my clothes, so I just rolled out of bed, threw them on, put my hair up, washed my face and drove to the gym.  I was pretty tired, but it was a great class!  I even packed a banana so I could eat during the half hour between Spin and BodyPump.


I even added some weight to my squats, back, triceps, and shoulders, bitches!

Saturday night- we went out to Northern Nights in Lynn- SO much fun.  They kept the kitchen open for us!  I had another amazing (counted) dirty Sapphire martini (I earned a TON of points) and danced most of the night (more APs!)

I really just need to remember weekends like this when I'm feeling down or like I want to quit the program.  I had a ton of fun and didn't feel like I was sacrificing anything.  :)  BELIEVE