Monday, February 3, 2014

Fever and aches and chills! (Oh, my!)

I cheat and I get food poisoning.  I think that's a sign.

So, I did alright last week food-wise.  I had been trying out adding fish and eggs back into my (mostly) vegan diet.  I had a great run on the indoor track at Shad and great classes.

Oh! Except Tabata.  The only class I teach in which I do not participate and I pulled a muscle.  Luckily, Allison Choat is a master of all things foam roller and racquet ball and I was able to work it out.

Sit on it. No, really.

Friday, I did less well food-wise and then I got food poisoning!  I'll spare you the details, but it's the worst I've ever felt in my life and I'm just going to take that as a sign.  Maybe no fish and eggs and definitely nothing fried.  Probably no beer for a while, but that's just by association.  Chills, fever, and aches... it was just awful.

Fried pickles not pictured because I can't look at them

Sadly, it caused me to miss two BEAUTIFUL running days (and singing with my cast on WERS).  I attempted my long run today.  14 miles was the goal.  Here's what went wrong...

1. Even though I feel about 2000x better than I did on Saturday, I'm probably still dehydrated.  I also missed a whole day of food/fueling for a long run. 

2. I tried out new gear. On a long run.  I'm an idiot. I tried a new... face warmer?  My old balaclava is a little big, but something I hadn't considered is it's got this awesome little screen to breath through.  It stays in place pretty well and warms the air so I'm not breathing in freezing cold air.  The new one is just solid material and the whole thing just gets sucked into my mouth when I breath.  It also is kind of loose and snow falls into when it's not up around your nose.  I also tried a new water bottle holder, a single one.  The balance is off.  I just need to keep with my four smaller bottle belt.

Running isn't always fashionable

3. It snowed.  It wouldn't be a huge deal if I could have seen a little better.  Maybe a hat with a brim?

I finished 5 miles.  Here's my plan...

I hate the treadmill.  So much.  But it's going to snow again this week (and worse it sounds like).  After Tabata on Wednesday, I'm going to complete my 14 miles indoors on various treadmills.  I'm going to trade every couple of miles in hopes that it will help my mind get through it.  I'm not sure it will work, but I NEED to get these miles in.