Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Icy trails and soapy Gatorade!

I think I should just call this blog "Ridiculous things that happen to me while running"

My plan this week was to take my long run to the Minuteman Trial.  I wasn't sure what the snow and ice situation would be, so I packed my Yaktrax and drove over to Bedford.  It was pretty icy so I gave them a try in the parking lot first.  They really really work.  I started on the trail.

The trail was pretty quiet except for me, maybe 5 other runners, and people walking their dogs.  Oh, and these snow men.

Even thought the Yaktrax stopped me from slipping, the snow and ice really slowed me down.  The trail was pretty solid ice and snow.  It started out at least even and easy to navigate, but gradually became a little bumpy.  After (mildly) rolling on my ankle a couple of times, I decided to turn around.  On the way back, I noticed some of the snow had either melted or blown away and left a lot more exposed solid ice (that was a little scarier to run on).

Also, I had just washed the bottles in my Fuel Belt, but I guess I didn't get all of the soap out... because I'm pretty sure that's not how grape Gatorade or water is supposed to taste.  So I slowly made my way back to the car with water and Gatorade strapped to my torso that I couldn't drink (for about 10 miles) and GU in my belt that I couldn't eat because I had not water to wash it down (Acid reflux without water!).   But I made it!  Super sore...

Does ANYONE know what these signs are?

Moral of the story?  Long runs plus ice, snow, and Yaktrax=it feels like you ran twice as far.  Also, rinse out your water bottles 1000 times.