Friday, November 23, 2012

Day four- Thanksgiving!

It was an early day for sure, but a great one!  We traveled up to Bangor and back with the dog to spend the day with family.  I totally used some weekly points, but that's what they are there for :)

Breakfast: Belvita and coffee

Lunch/dinner/the only actual meal of the day: Tofurkey, butternut squash, homemade apple sauce, and a roll. 

Dessert: vegan apple pie from Whole Foods. Amazing.

Random snacks: veggie and fruit platter

When we got home, it wasn't so late we needed to sleep, so we watched some TV and because we hadn't eaten in so we had some snacks: Pumpkin beer, more squash, pita chips with hummus.

All and all, not too bad and still on plan.

We totally threw out the rest of the pie.