Tuesday, April 17, 2012

One Million Dollars? and other fun news

Last week, I was notified that I was one of 200 people selected as a finalist for Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation- Million Dollar You.  Luckily, they called because the email went to my spam folder.  Long story short, I had just a few hours to write an essay, fill out some paper work for a background check, and answer some questions on the phone.  Am I the only person that gets a little creeped out/freaked out when filling out background check paperwork?  Even though I know nothing will be there, I'm always afraid I'll miss a zip code or something simple and mess it all up.  *Side note- when I filled out my CORI form for the YMCA, I spent five minutes trying to figure out what to write down for "hair color". Natural? Current? Recent?*   It was a very long questionnaire involving past addresses, work places, and web stuff.

I'll spare the suspense, I did find out today that I have not advanced any further into the competition, but I DID earn an American Cancer Society Spin for Hope beach mat.  So, I think it all evened out.  I think what did me in is that I'm an actor.  I had to list any TV or movie appearances and I did have to admit that I appeared on The Scariest Places on Earth a few years back.  Plus, if you google my name or look hard enough on Facebook or any theater website, you're going to find some weird (but easily explained) pictures of me. Ah, well.

For example.  Me as Magenta in The Rocky Horror Show.  

In other news, I started my new Zumba class at the YMCA today.  It was a strange week to start (I realize now) because it's school vacation week.  I had two students. (Yes, two)  They were super sweet and had both done Zumba before, so that was great.  It's just a wee bit awkward dancing with two other people in a small room with mirrors.  Each Zumba teacher has their own style and I happen to be a huge fan of fast songs and booty shaking. The two ladies? Not such a fan of the second part and that was unfortunate considering my playlist for the day.  I even tried to lure then into it by pointing out that it's great for the core, but no such luck.  I figured I'd continue to shake my butt at them and they'd eventually give in and join, but nope.  They did the moves minus the shaking.  Ah, well.  At least they did the robot with me.

Also, I'm having a BLAST in The Full Monty at Stoneham Theatre.  I'm so lucky to be a part of such a talented, passionate, and kind group of people.  We've had some great audiences and are getting wonderful reviews.  And then there's the costumes and wigs... lots of fun!  

Fun costumes, but again, perhaps a reason to not put me on an episode of Dr. Oz

One more thing before I sign off, I was interviewed by the local paper about my work with Deana's Educational Theaer. I'm just one of many actors that are involved in this wonderful organization that strives to educate people of all ages about bullying and dating violence.  You can find the article here.