Friday, May 20, 2011

Oops again? I suck

Ok, so... I haven't been to the gym, BUT I have been coughing up gunk for like three weeks and couldn't go more than 5 minutes without a huge coughing fit.  I'm better now...

So- despite being away from the gym, I am down about 10lbs. Awesome.  It's amazing how when you follow the Weight Watchers Plan you actually lose weight.  Wait, no it's not.

The recent 10lb loss has also put my past a big personal milestone.  I'm under a number I haven't been able to pass in a couple of years now, and that's very exciting. 

I signed up for an early Spin class tomorrow morning, too. It's a tough class to get a reservation for, so I'm hoping that will motivate me out of bed!