Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A million dollars?

Ok. Yeah. May. I see it, too. Last time I posted.

So, this summer has been rough for me and food and the gym.  I've had good days and even good weeks, but the bad days and weeks seem to even it all out.  I've lost and gained the same 7lbs for months.  It ends now. Or. Yesterday. Technically. Seriously this time.

I guess I don't understand where my motivation goes sometimes.  Weight Watchers is a wonderful program. It's not difficult to follow. You can literally eat whatever you want as long as you plan for it.  I think part of me gets angry that I have to worry about it at all. I know I feel better when I'm on plan. I know I feel 100% better than that when I go to the gym.  I know that I'll get more work if I lose weight (as an actor).  Yeah, I think I just get mad that it's something that I have to worry about at all.

So, I thought maybe I'd use the new season of The Biggest Loser to motivate me (don't judge my reality show watching).  I changed my weigh in day to Wednesday (because that is when I will most likely watch my DVR'd episode every week) and hoped that it would help.  Wednesday last week started off awesome.  I went to the gym and ate well.  Thursday-Monday... less awesome.  Not horrible.  I think it involved some vegan pizza and some guacamole... possibly some dark chocolate... beer...  Again- all of these things would have been FINE if I just COUNTED them.

So there I was on Monday. Ready to start over again. Sort of. I had had some Nyquil the night before and I kicked. my. butt.  So, yeah.  I think I had some pita chips and some plain pasta that day. (Oh, by the way, I had a terrible cold, it wasn't recreational Nyquil)  So, I knew I had to get back to it, but I wasn't feeling super motivated.  I needed a sign. Ugh, I just decided to watch TV.  Aaaaaaaand sign- Dr. Oz is pairing up with Weight Watchers to do this Transformation Nation Million Dollar You contest. Hm.  I need to lose weight... I'm a Weight Watchers online member... I've done it before... I don't expect to win a million dollars, but what the hell.

I went to my local Weight Watchers location yesterday and had my official complimentary weigh in and started to fill out all of the online forms.  Someone's got to win, right? And regardless (irregardless. Oh God. Spell check didn't fix that. WHYYYYYYYY????), I'll lose weight.  So that's still kind of winning something.

After weighing in, I went grocery shopping for lots of produce and dried beans (I'm trying this again. I have some weird inability to prepare beans from their dried state.  Before I went vegan, I had a similar problem preparing bacon. Just can't do it. Not sure why.)  I tracked all of my food and ended up 2 points under (not on purpose).

Today- I tracked all of my food.   (still deciding if it would be useful/interesting enough to post what I eat?) and made it to the gym.  I went to Body Combat.  I love it. It kicks my ass.  I usually would do strength training as well, but it's been so long that this was about what I could do today.  I love Body Combat and shadow/kick boxing so much, that I'm debating joining a boxing gym when my current contract is up.

So here I am at the end of day two feeling optimistic.  I had enough points left over for a pumpkin beer.  See.  Awesome program.