Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Marathon Training- week two!

Week two.  It certainly was better than week one (no head injuries or being splashed by puddles).  I got in my speed work, ran on the indoor track at Shad, and my long run felt pretty great yesterday.  The weather was perfect, the ice was mostly melted, and I felt comfortable during the run. After, though...

Injuries, though, can be a funny thing.  Keep in mind, that I am not a doctor and I am not giving any medical advice.  I'm just a clumsy person who has experienced some weird uncomfortable injuries.

I'm definitely dealing with some leftover pain from my stupid ice fall.  My knee is a little painful, my back hurts, and my shoulders are kind of tight.  I'm heating, icing, rolling, and stretching, plus backing off on the weights in my class when I need to.  It's getting better.

Something that I hadn't thought about in a long time is chafing.  It's a terrible thing.  And, for me anyhow, it's only sort of predictable.  I trained for (and ran) two half marathons before last year and I had only had trouble with it once (I tried to wear my fuel belt on my hips to try to look a little less lame.  Not a great idea).  Once I hit the 14-15 mile long run, chafing became an unwelcome part of my life. 

Just get some.  Right away.

Body Glide is a great thing.  I finally bought some last year when I noticed vampire bite marks where the bottom of my sports bra sat.  After that, I discovered new and exciting chafing opportunities during almost every run, long or short.  If you're thinking of running any kind of distance, just get yourself some Body Glide (it's cheap) and put it any place anything touches your skin.  Seams, bands (bras, pants, shirts), even on your feet if you get blisters.

The WORST problem I had was during the actual marathon.  It's cold when you train for Boston. I did most of my runs in long sleeves.  I definitely did some trial runs with my race day outfit, but by the time the temperature was right, the runs were tapering off.  It never occurred to me that my iPod armband would cause trouble.


Under my armpit

Toes.  Just forget about your feet looking ok in sandals.  Get ready for the horrified looks you'll get from nail techs as you try to explain why your feet look the way they do.  My poor second toe on my right foot really got the worst of it.  I didn't blister until the actual marathon, but there was pretty much constant pain in that toe after the long runs hit 13 miles.  I did eventually lose the nail and it felt about 1000 times better when it finally went.  I'm trying out some new shoes (Brooks Defyance 7.  The Defyance 6 were pretty great all fall) and am hoping to avoid some toe problems in the future.

If ugly feet and lost toenails gross you out, you should probably just look at this picture of Winston and not scroll down anymore.



It's just nail polish... but still gross, sorry