Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'm a terrible blogger

Yes, I'm a terrible blogger.  I never update and I haven't really told anyone that I have a blog.

So- on the Weight Watchers front, I'm very close to goal. I'm 1.2lbs away. I have to admit that I TOTALLY cheat and weigh myself every morning. I was at goal yesterday, and today I'm up 3.4lbs.  I know this is why they say that you shouldn't weigh yourself every morning.  Eh. 

I've never been so close to the Weight Watchers goal range before. I'm not totally sure how to feel about it.  It's a strange place to be because I know it's not my personal goal, but it's still a big accomplishment.  I mean, I totally look forward to not paying them six weeks after I get to goal (don't judge me), but  I don't know what my personal goal is just yet.  I feel like sometimes 10lbs lost doesn't make a huge difference, and then 5lbs lost looks like 30lbs, so I'm not sure of a final goal weight.  I always thought I would just kind of "know" when I was there, but honestly, I'm a little afraid that maybe I won't know.

In other news, I made a hasty decision.  I'm running a half marathon May 27th. What? Yes.  A high school friend (who, I think I haven't seen in person since then? We may have only had social media contact for a while) noticed a tweet via dailymile about running and one thing led to another and now I'm joining her in the Boston Run to Remember.  She said the magic words "very flat course".  Also, she assures me that she is also not a really fast runner.  I like having something to work towards (not that being fit and healthy is not something to work for) because then I'm less likely to miss a run. I think of getting stronger and more fit with each mile and I try to think about how that will benefit me come May 27th.

Other than that- I'm super excited to be rehearsing for The Full Monty in Stoneham!  Fabulous cast and creative team and such a great show.  

Oh, and I got new head shots. Pat Piasecki is a genius and has luckily chosen to use his powers for good.